Dancer balances upside down on one hand, with a skull resting on his legs.

Alas, poor Yorick. Photo ©Zoya Ignatova


Shakespeare Reworked is a funding opportunity for UK-based artists or companies. This funding is to support the research and development of innovative projects which respond to, reinterpret or are inspired by the works of Shakespeare in a global context. These will include theatre, dance, live art or music and many will have a strong digital element. 

The projects will reflect the global resonance, creativity and strength of Shakespeare’s writing as they are developed to work across different art forms, languages, cultures and continents. 

The application stage of the funding opportunity is now closed. Next, the successful applicants will travel and work with artists overseas during 2015 to develop their project ideas, documenting the development of their projects through blogs, video and audio content. 

All the projects will be reviewed in November 2015. The most successfully developed projects will receive further investment to bring their projects to full production in 2016 overseas and potentially in the UK. 


This was a closed call. Creative producing organisations across the UK were invited to nominate artists or companies to apply for the funding opportunity. The below nine artists have now been selected to develop their projects:

  • Peter McMaster – Shake Your Spirit Shakespeare
  • Gecko – Gecko and SDAC Shakespeare co-production
  • Opera North – In the Air or the Earth: Composing the Sonnets
  • Inua Ellams – Before The Tempest
  • Greyscale Theatre Company – Shakespeare’s Strangers
  • Amanda Coogan – You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio
  • James Cousins Company
  • Melanie Wilson and Will Duke – The Narrow World
  • Robert Softley Gale and Garry Robson of Birds of Paradise Theatre Company – Caliban and Miranda: Judgement Day

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