Shakespeare Lives: Play Your Part

Using the power of Shakespeare to give
children around the world a brighter future.

Every child deserves an education. It is a direct route out of poverty.

But millions of children are still missing out because of a lack of properly trained teachers, or by being excluded from classrooms simply because of who they are.

The British Council and Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) invite you to play your part to help support thousands of children around the world get the education they deserve.

You can help make a difference.

Take part in our fun, Shakespeare-related actions throughout 2016 that will help raise awareness for this important work using the hashtag #PlayYourPart

And if you can, donate to VSO to help give children a brighter future.

With your support we can ensure more children get the education they deserve, train more teachers and implement new technologies to improve learning in classrooms across the world.

Starting from Twelfth Night (5 January 2016), we invite you to share your favourite Shakespeare.

We'd like you to share anything - from your favourite line, to a quote, to a word, to a specific production - and in doing so use the hashtag #PlayYourPart

Watch Hugh Bonneville share his favourite line from Hamlet. What's your favourite Shakespeare line?